Website Promotion – Google Adwords

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Website Promotion – Google Adwords

How to set up an adwords campaign and effectively promote your website online.

I specialise in making websites but what happens when your site is finally online and you want to attract more traffic to it?
After designing, developing and deploying your website you will not be on your own. I provide support in your next steps and one of them can be setting up google adwords campaign.
But it costs money! – you say. There is a way around it – Google have very good deals for new customers so provided that you don’t have an account with them yet they can add a lot of free credit for you to spend and after this runs out you just don’t continue. You can try with a small amount and apply a coupon code.
To make the most of your campaign make sure to pay close attention to this:

  1. Set your keywords based on your customers intent.

    For example if you’re selling jewellery online your keywords should look like this [buy jewellery] rather than just “jewellery” as the later can also include people searching for “make your own jewellery” or “sell jewellery”…you get the idea.

  2. Set negative keywords.

    Negative keywords are the ones that will not trigger your ad. If you’re selling products you don’t want to show up when someone is searching using “free” as one of the keywords so add it to the list.

  3. Create multiple variation of that same ads and see which one is performing better.

    For example ‘Buy Bespoke Jewellery Online” vs “Buy Handmade Jewellery – Free Delivery”…

  4. Schedule your campaign.

    If your budget is low and you don’t want people searching at night to deplete it you can set specific times your ads will be shown depending on who are you planning to reach.

  5.  Pay close attention to keyword types you’re using.

    – Broad match – you will run out of money pretty soon and you don’t really have control over keywords as google will also use “related” keywords. Avoid this type.
    – [exact match] – I think it’s the best option as only this exact phrase can trigger your ad. Just set different variations if you need them as separate keywords such as [match exact] – “phrase match” Your ad will only appear when a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that phrase.

  6. Set negative locations for the campaign.

    You have the ability to pick the countries you don’t want your ad to show in. If you have a local boutique you may not want someone from another continent to click on your ad as it will cost you money and will not bring any return

  7. Follow Google guidelines.

    Google are great at explaining things and making the entire process simple and easy. Just remember that they want your money in the end so listen to their advice but apply it only if You need to.

I hope you like this quick guide and find this information useful. Share your tips in the comments below – we want to hear them.
If you’re thinking about having a website I provide a comprehensive web design service and free quotations.


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