The #fearless branding.

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Leicester Football Stadium

The #fearless branding.

Branding of the Leicester Foxes.

Last year's championship winners Leicester Foxes did the unimaginable and climbed up the football ladder all the way to the top. Theirs is a perfect example of “from rags to riches” story and everyone loves it. Instead of focusing on their football achievements I wanted to get a closer look behind the scenes of the Foxes branding and media appearance.

The club's home colours of royal blue and white have been used for the team's kits throughout most of its history.
Nickname “The Foxes” comes from 1948 when an image of a fox was first incorporated into the club crest. The Club’s main mascot is “Filbert Fox” alongside “Vickie Vivien” and “Cousin Dennis” but they have announced that they were looking for young supporters to design a new mascot on 11 June 2016.

According to Brand Finance LCFC is now nr 16 on the list of the most valuable football brands of 2016 (jump from nr42 last year)
They also produce branded merchandise and publications such as the new LCFC Magazine.

The Head of New Business at Leicester City Football Club Mark Davis said (According to this Leicester Mercury article.):

We are the fastest growing football club in the world.
To give you an example, we had just under 500,000 likes on Facebook at the start of the season.
We closed the season on 5.46 million Facebook fans – with just under 2 million in Britain and the rest spread across the world. Each social media has its own strategy and we started on Weibo in China six weeks before the end of the season and have built 516,000 followers from scratch.
That is the pull of Leicester City and the club story.Mark Davis


#fearless text

Abrand needs to carve an identity for itself. It needs to make clear to it’s audience exactly what it stands for and “#fearless” did just that in one word.
As their path took them on the root to victory it captured the imagination of football fans across the globe. They also became a source of inspiration for people not interested in football as anyone could relate to their story.

The story of Leicester City Footbal Club became a tale about a City that’s been put on the map, an Italian coach who finally got his win and amateur football players who became the most famous in England and beyond.

The best way to ensure brand loyalty of the already enormous audience was to show that the key star is still loyal to the club. That’s why it made sense for the King Power International group to renegotiate Jamie Vardy’s contract and keep him with LCFC another season.

The best graphic design is the one you don’t notice.

LCFC parade 2015

LCFC’s visual style is consistent across all platforms – digital and print, but nobody stops to say what a beautiful poster.
Instead the viewers have a feeling of being part of something big and amazing that brings people together like at the cup parade in May 2016. – That’s the power of great branding.

Side note: I was unable to find exact information about the branding or marketing agency LCFC used last year so I assumed it was done by their in-house team. If you know more about this please share it in the comments.

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