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Creative Coffee 26.10.16

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Last week I had a chance to attend a little talk by Nicola Middler speaking about ‘Look Up’ by exceptional Syrian artist Mohamad Khayata who was featured as part of ArtReach’s hugely successful Journeys Festival International.

You can find out more about Stitching my Syria back on their fb page

It was not a planned recording so I apologise for the quality, but if you couldn’t make it and still want to hear what it was about it’s here for you:


If you like it maybe I’ll do a better one next time 🙂

It is really interesting how art can blend with everyday life and how you can show through stories the different journeys that we’re all taking every day, no matter the country or nationality.

When was the last time you used storytelling as a device in your design project? Share in comments. We’d love to see them 🙂