Web Design

Date:04 Apr, 2017

Skills:web design

Client:Ramunas Photography


Web Design


Ramonas Photography


To create a portfolio website for London based photographer. Ramunas wanted to have a website that is easy to update and where he can upload his own pictures.
The main purpose if the website will be to display a selection of images by Ramunas, provide pricing and ways to contact.
People increasingly look online for service providers so it is important to have an online presence to direct potential clients to.

Design Solution

Image driven website accessible on all devices.


Working version of the site can be found here:


We started work with the project clarification meeting and after establishing the solution definition and project specification a round of mockups was presented.


After gathering the content we started the development process. This consisted of creating a custom theme for WordPress CMC with all the agreed functionalities on the front and back end.

The layouts were designed in Adobe XD after we established the structure of the site.

Deployment to life site included creating a new hosting account and setting up the server and databases.

After testing and launch the site was handed over to a happy client.