Business Cards

Date:29 Aug, 2016

Skills:business cards, logo design

Client:Jaroslaw Hlywa

Business Cards


Jaroslaw Hlywa


To enhance the first impression and provide contact details with a professional and memorable card.

Design Solution

Follow up on the highly successful and well received logo design, creative business cards make the difference between being recognised and remembered or forgotten. Matt finish on a high quality stock provides a solid feel and a pleasing colour scheme accentuates the name and the main message: “Always moving forward”.


Business cards design for a startup entrepreneur willing to have a unique presence required unique approach.
Human faces are the most recognisable visual elements so we’ve decided to use Jarek’s picture to make a strong and memorable impression. We’ve teamed this image with a monochrome colour palette to not redirect the focus too much from the main element – logo.

Some of the alternative designs presented to client before choosing the final one: