Flyer Design

flyer design

Date:06 Sep, 2016

Skills:Graphic Design

Client:Full Picture Recruitment

Flyer Design


Full Picture Recruitment


This new recruitment company needed a way to quickly introduce their services at job fairs and conferences.
They wanted to be memorable and different from competitors at a minimum cost.

Design Solution

Since their target audience are business professionals we decided to use visual language familiar to them but with a creative twist.
Their unique selling point of video cv was the differentiating factor so the tagline “You are your CV – Record It” was created.


This project is a great example how you can approach traditional media such as a5 flyer and make them work for you.
We wanted to make the image dynamic, almost as if it jumps out of the page so we explored some options with paper.
Once we decided to use typography as the main focus the tag cloud was a natural choice and a perfect way to combine dynamic message with eye-catching visual.



flyer design

Flyer design concept – typographical approach.