Mountain Wale Illustration

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mountain wale illustration

Mountain Wale Illustration

How I converted a quick sketch into digital drawing.

When I have time I draw. I try to do this as often as I can and it’s mainly for fun so it’s not a surprise that I don’t develop the drawings further. That’s not why I draw. Saying that, occasionally I do have a vision for something more than just a sketch and that’s how this little project came about.

mountain wale illustration

Illustration of a mountain wale

The sketch.

Perhaps the more appropriete name would be a doodle rather than sketch as it was one of those where you just don’t think about what you draw, don’t expect anything just connect the lines in a way it looks nice.

mountain wale sketch

Mountain Wale sketch

The tracing.

I’ve decided to trace the image into vector lines because at this point I wasn’t too sure what do I want it to look like and vectors allow for a lot of flexibility.

So there went a pen tool and a line tool and shape tools to create this:

Outlined drawing

Mountain Wale Outlines

The additional inspiration.

It so happens that a day before I went to Pool’s Cavern in Buxton with a friend and I took some photos there. One of them I thought will be quite adequate for this illustration so I overlaid the sketch over it and came up with a final concept for the layout.

Pool's Cavern

Pool’s Cavern original picture

Pool's Cavern with a whale

Vectorised sketch overlaid onto image

Pools Cavern's water traced

Tracing water

Putting things together.

The was a lot of experimentation with different effects and layouts before the final outcome but I think it was worth if.

The biggest pain: for some reason it’s not so intuitive to cut a path with another path in illustrator in an outline view. But uncle Google is always helpful and full of information. Turns out that using Pathfinder’s “divide” option is the easies.


The white and blue version

Mountain Wale blue

The name.

I almost forgot to say where the mane “Mountain Wale” came from. I mean, it is pretty obvious when you look at it – there is a sort of a mountain and kind of a whale there with the drop linking the two together. Maybe it’s obvious, maybe my imagination went for a really long walk on this one but the bottom line is that I like it and it fits the idea nicely.

Final result.

Here  it is: the effect of one Sunday evening.

mountain wale illustration

Illustration of a mountain wale


I hope you like it and you enjoy the post. If you do share it and comment – It’s nice to see that someone out there reads it:)




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