Fishguard Bay painting

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The water

Fishguard Bay painting

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A picture is worth a thousand words, a painting makes them into a story.

Recently I was very lucky to admire some English countryside in a lovely company and of course I took lots of pictures. The view near Fishguard was particularly breathtaking and I really learned something new about myself that day. (Mainly that you can eat a yogurt with a snickers bar if you don’t happen to have a spoon – it makes for a very “posh” breakfast)

I decided to make a digital painting based on that picture and below are the steps I took to accomplish it.

Just a side note here that, if like me you’re not the best painter, you can always visit your local museum and study the paintings up-close there. If you’re worried you may look a bit silly with your nose on the painting you can visit Google Arts & Culture website where you can zoom in so much that you’ll be able to lick the paint. 

Fishguard before and after

Before (left) and after (right) of the Fishguard Bay painting

I decided that it will be and oil painting and got to work. I started with the sky as it seamed the easiest and I could really go for it with the brush strokes.

Blue sky

Wide strokes of the blue sky

Next part was a bit trickier because the clouds required different style of blending and more circular strokes.

The clouds

The clouds added over the sky.

But that was just the beginning of fun. Next I put some good music on and got into the details of grass with a basic round brush. Not all of it – just the bits I really wanted to be there.

Grass details

Fine details of grass

I completed this section by blending in some wider and smaller strokes behind the details. I tried to divide it into areas (or clusters if you will) and get the feel of this one area, moving onto the next one after.

Grass background

The rest of the grass area

Next it was time to add the sea. I decided to go for wide, round brush and got to work. It’s a small area so it didn’t take as long as grass (nothing takes as long as grass) but I left some room for the land and this little bit with a lighthouse.

The water

The water was a nice blend of cool blues with a bit of space left for the land.

Very narrow brush and a pallet knife to spread the paint for the lighthouse bit and the main land as well.

The lighthouse

The lighthouse bit added.

The main land

Careful strokes of the main land

The painting was looking nice now and I was almost happy with it. It only needed some more colour where the flowers are so I added more details there.

The flowers

More details added for the flowers

The finishing touches involved cropping the picture and slightly adjusting the colours to have this final painting:

The final version of the painting. A added some extra details just to personalise it a bit and voila. There it is.

The final version of the painting. A added some extra details just to personalise it a bit and voila. There it is.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it will inspire you to get out there and explore nature.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or just want to say hi – leave a comment below.

Oh, one more thing…Colombo
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