5 Ways To Expand Your Business With WordPress

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5 Ways To Expand Your Business With WordPress

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Online presence – it’s what everyone tell you to have in order to reach more clients…but really, it’s not enough.

If you have a web page with content that was last updated in the late 80’s I’m afraid it’s as good to you as a power ballad in a fortune 500 business meeting. There are plenty of ways to expand your business, but the online methods are the easiest to implement, take the least amount of time and can be tracked to measure progress.

  1. Create custom landing pages

    We all know the standard HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT pages but it’s important to create new pages every now and then. As your company creates new services or adds new lines of products, you should reflect these changes in your online presence too. If anything, it’s a really good SEO practice, but these pages can also work as landing pages for your social or advertising campaigns.
    Why WordPress?
    Because you have the ability to do this yourself and it really takes minutes without knowing anything about web design or coding.

  2. Make things easier for yourself and your clients

    This one involves using plugins to extend the features your website provides. If you want to display a calendar or take bookings online – there is plugin for that.

  3. Use a different language

    WordPress supports multiple languages so if you want to expand your business by extending your reach to different countries it should be on your to do list.

  4. Post a blog

    This one is a no brainer as that’s what WordPress was created for. But how can it help your business ?

    • Post content relevant to what you do or offer and people searching for this will have more chances of finding you. They usually stick around to check other pages too…
    • Give your readers advice – this will quickly establish you as an expert in the field and thus you’re more likely to be contacted for work.
    • Entertain them – It’s not all work and no play. Get to know your customers and give them something that will make them want to come back and check what’s new. (Cute picture of a cat won’t work for some of the business types that’s why I say to get to know them)
  5. Scale up when you need to and adjust quickly.

    The possibility of adding more pages and functionality to the website is an enormous plus but what if you rebrand, or change a visual style?
    Couldn’t be simpler – just change the theme to a different one and you’re set to go.
    I have to add here to always back up your site before any major update and ensure that your new theme has the functionality that you need so it’s actually best to create a custom one.
    The update process is that same but you get a specialist to design and develop it for you, so if you want a unicorn appearing on top of every page he/she can do it for you (after repeatedly advising against it, unless you have a unicorn shop)

To sum up there are multiple ways to expand your business, but in a nutshell, as long as you feed your website with fresh content, keep it relevant, accessible and up to date you’ll be getting more customers.
You can usually pay somebody monthly to do this king of thing or just organise yourself and do it on your own.
WordPress is not as scary as you think and if hearing “HTML5” and “CSS3” makes you cringe than try WordPress – if you can click and write – you’ll be fine.
If you want to have your own personalised WordPress theme designed just for you than give us a shout. It’s what we do – and we’re good at it.

Have more advice? Share it on comments, people want to know.
(Btw. I just really like WordPress platform – I wish they payed me for writing this, but they did’t – nobody did ­čÖé )

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